#AGEC17 Launches at Kitsong High

Ever wondered how it is that an island as small and lightly populated as Jamaica manages to consistently produce enough excellent sprinters to absolutely dominate world athletics? The answer is simple; in Jamaica, track athletics is the most enthusiastically and widely celebrated sport at a high school level.

Through the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge, it is our vision to build a South African future in which entrepreneurs are celebrated, numerous, and savvy. That’s exactly why we could think of no better place to launch #AGEC17, than Kitsong High School, a place that truly ticks all of those boxes, and the winning school in the 2016 challenge!

“Wow this is amazing… my kids are now blooming i can see the difference now in their action and behavior. There is this sense of responsibility around the school and they are asking questions and suggesting different ways of doing things. It’s challenging them in such a way that they are always coming to me asking questions”
~ Orapeleng Mokgatle (Kitsong School in Bafokeng)

On August 14th, #AGEC17 Launch Day, several of the Team #AGEC17 members and media representatives joined the Kitsong community in throwing a memorable launch event littered with impressive musical performances by the students; one that both celebrated the impressive success that Kitsong had enjoyed in 2016, and welcomed in this year’s instalment of the competition with a fittingly explosive bang!

So how did a school that’s only three years old and has under 200 learners place first overall in 2016 and feature individual competitors that came 2nd, 5th, and 7th? The answer is simple; at Kitsong, entrepreneurship is the most enthusiastically and widely celebrated undertaking. With success like this to boast, it seems only reasonable to speculate that a few years from now, South Africa may just become the Jamaica of entrepreneurs.

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