Featured School: Maris Stella

A big shout out to Maris Stella – our featured school for Week 5! Maris Stella have 78 registered students, led by their awesome teacher champion, Julia van Blerk. Maris Stella currently ranks at the very top of our national schools leaderboard with 2795 points*.

Maris Stella
– 78 Registered Learners
– 2795 Points
– Ranked 1st in South Africa

Top Performers
– Shriyaa Sooklal (5th in SA)
– Kundanika Somasundram (12th in SA)
– Clio Gallo (29th in SA)

We applaud all learners from Maris Stella for their energy and enthusiasm, and we take our hats off to Mrs Julia van Blerk for building a strong culture of entrepreneurship at the school.

*Scores and rankings as of 19:00, 31 August 2018

Shriyaa Sooklal

Kundanika Somasundram

Clio Gallo