Announcing Our Winners for Week 1

Congratulations to all our winners! Complete week 2 challenges to stand a chance to win more prizes this week.

Exponential Technologies #1

– Genetic Engineering (My company, using genetic engineering, in the year 2025…)

  1. R600: Bruno Hart from Reddam House
    – A Medical Vending machine which includes genetic sequencing.
  2. R300: Qinixo Mamba from Enjabulweni
    – A nano injection which combats cancer. (Similar to CarT therapy)
  3. R200: Marthinus Viljoen from Somerset College
    – Using DNA for data storage.

Exponential Technologies #2

– Artificial Intelligence – What is your dream career? How is AI being applied in this field?

  1. R500: Beatrice Wharton-Hood from Roedean School (SA)
    – Mechanical Engineering. AI for space exploration – E.g. Autonomously controlling the Curiosity Rover when out of signal range.
  2. R350: Fatima-Zahraa Jappie from Theodor Herzl High School
    – Cosmetics. AI which scans your face and shows you a preview of what the treatment would look like.
  3. R250: Patrick Towill from Krugersdorp High School
    – Marine Biology. The use of sensors, drones & AI for counting and monitoring fish.

The Tuckshop (Part 1)

– How to improve operations at the school tuckshop:

  1. R500: Tallyn Manique from Danville Park Girls’ High
    – A pre-order app with finger scanning tech
  2. R300: David De Villiers from Pretoria Boys’ High
    – A pre-order app with drone delivery
  3. R200: Joey Carollissen from Rhenish Girls’ High School
    – Cater to the Halaal and Vegetarian markets as well

The Tuckshop (Part 2)

– Feedback “from the trenches” on improving tuckshop operations:

  1. R500: Leah Paterson-Jones from Westerford High School
    – A student survey + renting out of the fridge
  2. R300: Melissa Walton from The Wykeham Collegiate
    – Splitting high school and primary school break time to ease the queues
  3. R200: Roxy Steytler from Danville Park Girls’ High
    – A smart student card system