FAQs and Information

What skills will I gain?

By completing the weekly quests, you’ll learn almost everything you need to start and run a business, from marketing to recruitment, how to read data, statistics and product development, how mobile apps are built, how revenue models work and all about the corporate world. What’s more, you’ll learn how to do business using technology and best practices in digital transformation – important, because so much more happens digitally in the post-Covid19 world.

Do I need any prior knowledge before I join? Do I need to know anything about business, accounting, or technology, in order to play the game well?

No! There is no prior knowledge or any sort required. You’ll learn everything you need to know by playing the game. Just come with the intention to have lots of fun in a video-game style challenge, because that is the pathway to mastering business in AGEC.

Is taking part in AGEC compulsory?

Not at all – but once you realise how much you’re learning, how much fun you’re having, and how you’re able to add weight to your CV from the AGEC Certificate awaiting you at the end of gameplay – you’ll be so glad you took part.  Plus, it’s free, so there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

How much time should I allocate to the game every week?

You’ll need around 30 minutes to complete your assignment every Friday, and as much time as you want to play the game during the week (this could be 20 to 30 minutes of gameplay each day, from Monday to Thursday – or more!). Trust us, you’ll want to set aside plenty of hours! The game is super-fun and hard to put down once you get into it.

What are my responsibilities?

Joining our teacher portal allows you to register the learners in your classroom, and then keep track of how they are progressing in the game. You will probably also want to set up a virtual classroom on the gaming network (for yourself and your own class) so that they have a platform where they can discuss any issues they’re experiencing, or where you can share helpful information and tips. Your teacher’s pack (which you can get from the Teacher Portal) will help a great deal in this regard: it’s full of the information you need to help your learners cover the content required to perform well in the week’s quest.

You may also choose to mark the weekly assignments handed in on Fridays. Although this requires only a small investment of your time, it is a critical part of the challenge because learners earn points by completing these assignments. You’ll be helped in this task by robust rubrics that guide your marking.

Marking of assignments is required should a teacher want to be eligible for the top teacher prize (in case a learner from their class emerges as the top learner). Marking happens over weekends for each week of gameplay (so over 5 weekends).

What is a Champion Teacher?

Teacher involved in management of the school (or Principals, Deputies, Secretaries, HoDs and Governing Body Members) might need access to data of learners – not just in a class, but across all classes in the entire school. Registering as a Champion Teacher gives you this access (whereas registering as a normal Teacher gives you access to data of the learners in your own class only).

How do I register my school to take part in the Challenge?

We have already added a list for all schools across South Africa. On the registration form, simply select the province you’re in, then start typing the first few characters of your school’s name and then select from the options that appear. You will be linked as teacher to that school and will also be able to furnish the profile of your school with information about it and school photos.

How do learners earn points?

The first avenue for earning points is by playing the game and meeting their business targets each week in the various quests (e.g. make a minimum of R400 000 in revenue in Week 3 of gameplay). Learners acquire gaming points from this category.

Learners then gain points in another category of points called XP points by reading certain research-articles provided in the game or by having conversations with non-player characters such as mentors or lawyers and bankers in the game. These tasks give them experience points essentially and trigger learning.

Learners also gain points from submitting weekly assignments on each Friday in the 5-week challenge.

Is taking part in AGEC compulsory?

AGEC is entirely voluntary. That said, it’s a wonderful opportunity for your child to gain a competitive edge by acquiring skills which will serve them very well going forward, and which they might otherwise not pick up in the usual school environment.

How is my child’s data used?

Data is used for purposes of gameplay. AGEC is fully POPI compliant, and you have the option to unsubscribe from emails at any point. For those registrants that wish to receive communications that are broader and centric to related opportunities, there is the checkbox on the registration for that can be used to “opt-in” to those comms, should they prefer it,

What are my responsibilities?

Officially, you don’t have any. That said, you’ll enjoy joining our parents’ portal, where you can check in on the game’s progress as it unfolds in real time. This also means that you’re able to support your child in the decisions they make to move their business forward.

How much time will my child have to dedicate to the challenge?

The assignments – to be submitted every Friday – take just 30 minutes to complete. Actual gameplay takes place between Mondays and Thursdays, and your child is free to decide how much time they wish to spend in the gaming world (could be as little as 20 minutes a day – or much more depending on interesting they find it!)