Is taking part in AGEC compulsory?

AGEC is entirely voluntary. That said, it’s a wonderful opportunity for your child to gain a competitive edge by acquiring skills which will serve them very well going forward, and which they might otherwise not pick up in the usual school environment.

How is my child’s data used?

Data is used for purposes of gameplay. AGEC is fully POPI compliant, and you have the option to unsubscribe from emails at any point. For those registrants that wish to receive communications that are broader and centric to related opportunities, there is the checkbox on the registration for that can be used to “opt-in” to those comms, should they prefer it,

What are my responsibilities?

Officially, you don’t have any. That said, you’ll enjoy joining our parents’ portal, where you can check in on the game’s progress as it unfolds in real time. This also means that you’re able to support your child in the decisions they make to move their business forward.

How much time will my child have to dedicate to the challenge?

AGEC is a year ‘round movement, meaning there are constant activities to take part in and win big throughout the year! The 2D Gameplay will be available for 3 months from 1 February to 30 April, so players can start and complete the game anytime within this period. Other activities such as mini challenges will be available thereafter and announced via email to registered participants, so make sure your child is one of them.