23 October 2023

Mini Challenge 2 – The Online Marketing Challenge

Dear AGEC High School Learners!

We hope you’re having a blast with the AGEC entrepreneurial exercises this year because there’s more excitement coming your way! Get ready to unleash your creativity and marketing genius in Mini Challenge 2 – the Online Marketing Challenge!

🎮 Challenge Details:

Platform: AGEC’s Gaming Network!

Theme: Let’s market a made-up product or business!

Task: Think of a kind of product or service. Then write a blog post where you explain an imaginative way to tell other people about the product/service (this is called marketing) and include a cool social media post that will help you market it. In 200-250 words, explain your marketing ideas and create an image or graphic that will convince people about your product/service.

💡 Guidelines:

Remember to think about:

  • What your product/service is
  • Who your target market is (the people who will most likely use the product or service)
  • Where you will market your product online and why
  • When you will market your product online and why
  • How you will grab the interest of your target market

Think outside the box and include a well-designed image that represents your social media post. We would recommend using a simple design tool like Canva to create the image.

🎮 Prize: Oh, did we mention the grand prize? For the Top 10 Marketers in this round, a cash voucher to the value of R400 awaits!

🎮 Deadline: Set your calendars for the deadline of Monday 6 November 2023!

Submission Process:

  • Share your brilliant blog post on the Gaming Network
  • Don’t forget to send us a screenshot of your blog post, and your social media post design via email to

Make sure your submission email includes the following details:

  • Full Name
  • School Name
  • Grade
  • Province
  • Cell phone Number (for distribution of prizes)

Challenge Criteria:

  • Participants must be in a High School in South Africa, between Grades 8–12 in 2023.
  • All entries must be posted on the Gaming Network from your individual Gaming Network profiles – You can create a profile or log in here
  • Blog posts must be between 200 – 250 words long
  • Only 1 blog post can be submitted per individual
  • Ensure your Gaming Network account settings are set to ‘public’ so the AGEC Team can read your post. Locked/Private profiles during this challenge will unfortunately be disqualified
  • Plagiarised articles will be disqualified
  • Send your submission (see Submission process above) to before midnight on Monday 6 November 2023
  • Although this activity is not based on likes and comments, still remember to interact with other posts from the community! Let’s hype each other up!
  • This Online Marketing Challenge is your chance to shine, learn, and take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level. It’s all about creativity, strategy, and making your mark in the digital world!
  • Get ready to power up your marketing skills, and let’s make this challenge a memorable one! Stay tuned for more entrepreneurial adventures, and may the best marketers win!

Kind Regards,
The AGEC Team

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