10 February 2021

#AGEC2021 Week 2 Teacher Pack

Congratulations! You and your learners have made it to Week 2 of the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge – and, since every week of gameplay is equivalent to one year in real life, that means that they have survived their all-important first year of business!

This shows they’ve got exactly what it takes to be a smart, savvy, successful entrepreneur. After all, having made it this far, they have obviously selected the right mentors, chose their funding avenues with care, and set up a robust company structure.

All of this ensures that a solid foundation is in place – but, as we are still in the presales phase, there is still more work to be done. That’s why, this week, we’re focusing on entrenching that structure further still. One of the most important tasks in this regard is recruiting the right team.



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