14 November 2022

The AGEC Mini Challenge 4 is here! Let’s get creative!

AGEC’s Mini Challenge 4 is the Creative Inventions Challenge, where you will put your creativity to the ultimate test by taking two different ordinary objects and combining them to make a new, fun, make-believe invention

Creating something new that does not exist requires your imagination. Using your imagination to come up with ‘whacky’ ideas leads to creative ideas and might even become a product or service that changes the world!

How the Challenge works:

Step 1: Identify two random objects around you (whether at home, your room, in class at school)

Step 2: Looking at each object, consider what else the product could be used for outside of its intended purpose (could be the whole object or parts of it).

Step 3: Think about how you can put the different parts of the two items together to create an entirely new product. The crazier the idea, the better!

Step 4: Come up with a 1-minute or 30-second pitch for your TikTok video, pitching this new invention you have just created! Make sure you’ve named this new product and try to persuade people to buy it! Feel free to also create a prototype of this invention through sketches, 3D models, concept mock-ups, etc, to get your message across visually as well

Feeling confident you’ve already got the prize in the bag for this one? Well, read on for more on the criteria below.


Challenge Criteria:

  • Criteria 1: You MUST be registered on the Gaming Network to participate, with a fully completed profile (profile pic, entrepreneurial journey, competencies, bio, and relevant info). Prizes will not be distributed to participants that are not signed up on the Gaming Network. If you aren’t registered, it’s free, register at! All Mini Challenge participants must be between Grades 8 to 12 in a South African High School.
  • Criteria 2: This is a Solo challenge – meaning you’re participating on your own instead of in pairs or groups. People can feature in your video, however, no more than one person can claim the same video as their own submission.
  • Criteria 3: Choose your own format for the video (voice-over, graphics, on-camera, etc). Keep your video interesting and engaging! 
  • Criteria 4: Your video must open or end with the words, “This is my submission for the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge 4. Follow their Tik Tok account @AGEC_ZA and register on their website to learn more about it!” 
  • Criteria 5: Post your Challenge entry video on TikTok. Follow and tag the AGEC account (@AGEC_ZA), then share your post with as many of your connections as possible to gain engagement on your video between Monday 14 and Friday, 9 December 2022.
  • Criteria 6: Submit only one video for this Challenge. The post on your video must include ALL the following hashtags in the caption: #AGEC22 #AGECMiniChallenge4 #AllanGrayEntrepreneurshipChallenge #jointhemovement
  • Criteria 7: Send an email to by midnight on Wednesday 30 November 2022 with the following information: Your Full Name, School Name, Grade, Cell Number, Link to the TikTok video you created, and your Product Title. 
  • Criteria 8: Make sure that your TikTok Account is visible to public until winners are announced! Otherwise, we won’t be able to see it.


So, rush over to your TikTok account and get started on this amazing opportunity to win big! Don’t have a TikTok account yet? What are you waiting for? Create one now and join us! The opportunity is just too good to miss!  

So, hop to it – we can’t wait to see these crazy inventions!


Need more information or clarity? We’re happy to assist you! Contact us at for all queries relating to AGEC.

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