30 July 2022

What are my responsibilities?

Joining our teacher portal allows you to register the students in your classroom, and then keep track of how they are progressing in the game. You will probably also want to set up a virtual classroom on the gaming network (for yourself and your own class) so that they have a platform where they can discuss any issues they’re experiencing, or where you can share helpful information and tips. Your teacher’s pack (which you can get from the Teacher Portal) will help a great deal in this regard: it’s full of the information you need to help your learners cover the content required to perform well in the week’s quest.

Assignments distributed to students from the Gaming Network are now in multiple-choice format, so no teacher marking will be required. Should a teacher want to be eligible for the top teacher prize, you would need to ensure that you’re onboarding as many learners from your class/school as possible and that there’s a greater portion of these learners actively participating in the challenge.
The teacher with the highest percentage of registered learners to participating learners wins the Top Teacher prize!